Falco International Trade & Solutions Company was founded by Burcu Kkbutros in 2013 and since then has developed a wide customer network in the Middle East, Africa and Europe thanks to its international trade sector activities it engages since 2006. 


Gateway for companies who wish to earn a share from the Middle East and Africa markets!

In line with our expertise and professional connection networks developed thanks to the years of experience, we organize foreign trade activities
and fulfil the requirements of companies that wish to expand their international trade and supply raw materials from abroad. 

Our Services

  • Market research and business development
  • Provision of sales support and customer communication
  • Connection with right suppliers for products import
  • Helping manufacturing companies with obtaining permit documents from foreign government authorities.
  • Provision of consultancy and financial solution partnership on payment instruments such as Letters of Credit, Performance Bond, Bank guarantee letters.


Would you like to join us to expand our supplier network while we add value to your company?


Telefon & Fax

+90 532 567 12 87